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Web Digest for Marketers named Greg Jarboe and Jamie O’Donnell, the co-founders of SEO-PR, to the email newsletter’s “Who’s Who in SEO Experts.

Web Digest For Marketers, the first email newsletter about marketing on the Internet, currently serves over 45,000 subscribers weekly and has been quoted in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, CNN, CBS, NPR plus scores of others. Web Digest For Marketers called Jarboe and O’Donnell two of “the hottest gurus in SEO,” and its companion site, Larry Chase’s Search Engine for Marketers, lists their “innovative firm” as one of only 10 in its Who’s Who in SEO Experts.

Search Engine for Marketers adds, “Press releases and other PR materials are an underutilized ‘sweet spot’ for keyword optimization, and doing something strategic about them can really help website rankings, press response and your business.”

Publisher Larry Chase utilized SEO-PR’s services and revealed that just watching Jarboe and O’Donnell “was a learning experience” – no small praise from a highly skeptical Internet marketing veteran.

Greg and Jamie optimized Larry’s press release for RSS feeds, blogs, news searches and search engine spiders – “and the results were outstanding.” They then followed up with a PowerPoint presentation that summarized which terms were getting picked up and what rankings they were able to deliver by selected keyword in major news search engines. In Larry’s words, “they have it down to a science.”

“Best Measurement Practices”

Katharine Delahaye Paine, publisher of The Measurement Standard, has also praised SEO-PR for using “best measurement practices.”

In her One-Minute Benchmarking Bulletin, Katie exclaimed, “What a concept: Totally measurable results from your PR agency! That’s the pitch that PR pros Jamie O’Donnell and Greg Jarboe are giving for their new company SEO-PR.”

Katie added, “SEO-PR combines Jarboe’s search engine optimization wizardry and O’Donnell’s PR and writing skills to get your product or firm top listed in search engines and track the results. They use special Web pages as well as data from WebTrends and other tracking software to tell the client not just how many visitors clicked on a press release, but what they did when they got there.”

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