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Greg Jarboe, the President and Co-founder of SEO-PR, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on video content marketing. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

TA:  What role does video play in today’s marketplace & industry?

Greg Jarboe: Huge. There was a survey done recently by Animoto, which found that 73 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they watch a video explaining it beforehand.

Video can play a huge role in accelerating the conversion process. You can tell stories or do demos in a video format would take thousands of words on white paper. By using video, you can tell a story and actually accelerate the buying process.

If you aren’t currently using video, you’re missing out.

At the Conversion Conference, I’ll be discussing how in the early days, video was a great way of getting top of the funnel visibility. If somebody liked your video, they would often go search later to try to find something they saw.

Recently, YouTube has rolled out Cards, something you put into your video that can include an associated website link. At the end of your video, if you want to link to a landing page, you can. This is really important, particularly with half of the viewers watching on mobile devices. And now, all of a sudden you have the opportunity to literally drive traffic to websites from your video.

TA: Since consumers are positively affected by the use of video, what are some ways video content can be repurposed or used to supplement existing materials?

Jarboe: We embed videos. I do a lot of blog posts with one or more videos imbedded into it. Again, YouTube makes embedding video so simple.  All you do is go underneath the video, click on share, then embed and YouTube will give you the code to drop it into your post and you’ve got it.

TA: Does marketing automation play a role with video marketing? Can the two be paired together to add value in a sales funnel?

Jarboe: They have potential together, but I have to confess most is unrealized. If organizations use video, often they’re using a proprietary player that doesn’t allow things that YouTube does. It’s like whoever made the content obviously did not have the buyer in mind.

TA: You can’t just put any video up and expect it to convert, which means the content needs to have more thought than just putting something up and expecting 73 percent of consumers to magically accelerate and convert. There needs to be intentionality.

Jarboe: Absolutely. GoPro is one who does it right. They have videos embedded on their website and more than 50 percent of them were created by GoPro users, not the company. The most amazing one recently was someone putting a GoPro on their kid’s bicycle for their first ride. Whether it’s extreme sports or your family favorite, that user generated content is some of the most popular they have – and users created it.

TA: I love that example. When I’m in a store, I often find myself mesmerized by the GoPro booth, which is just a TV looping the same footage over and over, but it is unbelievable.

If you’re creating content and trying to incorporate that into your funnel, you need to think about what resonates with your audience and create more opportunity for them to consume it. That’s what will make the conversion at the bottom of the funnel. It’s not going to be the things you think your users or customers might want.

Jarboe:  Yeah, absolutely. That accounts for why GoPro’s revenues, which finish the year close to 1.4 billion dollars, were up 41 percent over last year’s. This isn’t theoretical. You can see that GoPro has figured out how to harness video content to drive sales. If it’s popular on YouTube, maybe it’s the kind of content we want to embed on our website, as opposed to what our internal teams are recommending.


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This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.

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