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SEO-PR provides a broad spectrum of online public relations services. With offices in San Francisco and Boston, the online PR firm specializes in optimized press release services, media relations services, and online PR training courses. SEO-PR’s co-founders, Greg Jarboe and Jamie O’Donnell, are regarded as the pioneers of press release SEO and leading authorities on press release optimization. SEO-PR has the PR experts and public relations specialists create optimized press releases and online publicity.

Optimized Press Release Services

SEO-PR’s optimized press release services include:

  • Press release writing — Writing online press releases primarily for humans, with news search engine considerations a secondary concern.
  • Keyword research — Using the Google News autocomplete feature and Yahoo! News Search Assist to identify relevant, commonly searched terms.
  • Press release SEO — Including relevant keywords in the headline, subhead and lead paragraph of optimized press releases.
  • Press release links — Adding links in an optimized press release to help people find interesting, related content on a website.
  • Online press release distribution — Using a press release distribution service that takes full advantage of press release optimization.
  • PR measurement — Measuring public relations using online marketing metrics like building brand awareness, increasing website traffic, generating sales leads, and selling products online.

Learn more about the online PR agency’s approach to optimizing press releases in the marketing white paper that SEO-PR wrote for Thomson Reuters entitled, “6 Secrets of Press Release SEO.”

Media Relations Services

SEO-PR’s media relations services include:

  • Media relations — Identifying the influential journalists who have been writing relevant stories, and developing ways to strengthen relationships with them.
  • Blogger outreach — Identifying the influential bloggers who have been writing relevant posts, and developing ways to strengthen relationships with them.
  • Speakers bureau — Researching appropriate speaking opportunities and contacting organizations to procure speaking invitations.

Read more about SEO-PR’s approach to media relations in Greg Jarboe’s Search Engine Watch article, “Blogs Are the New Trade Press.”

Successful Online PR Campaigns

SEO-PR has launched successful online public relations campaigns for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies, media companies, and universities that have achieved a variety of Internet marketing objectives:

  • Building brand awareness–SEO-PR helped Better Homes and Gardens increase brand searches by 36 percent, according to a press release SEO case study at SES Chicago 2008.
  • Increasing website traffic — SEO-PR helped The Christian Science Monitor drive 450,000 unique visitors to “Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story” in the first 24 hours, according to a public relations case study at the 2007 PRSA T3 PR Conference in New York.
  • Generating leads online — SEO-PR helped Parents magazine generate 129,155 entries into its cover photo contest, according to a press release SEO case study at SES San Jose 2009.
  • Selling products online — SEO-PR helped Southwest Airlines link $2.5 million in online ticket sales to optimized press releases, according to a PR case study at the 2005 Summit on Measurement in Portsmouth, NH.
  • Measuring marketing ROI — SEO-PR helped the Rutgers Center for Management Development get a 3.0 return on marketing investment, according to a public relations case study at the PRSA 2010 International Conference in Washington, D.C.

Online PR Training Courses

SEO-PR offers press release SEO workshops and other online PR training courses, customized for the client’s needs. Greg Jarboe and Jamie O’Donnell are faculty members of Market Motive, which offers online PR training and certification courses. Jarboe is also a faculty member of the Rutgers Center for Management Development, which offers a Mini-MBA Program in Digital Marketing.

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